Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Hello Loves xoxo

the time has come and I am finally back to London. Since most of you know, I moved to London two years ago to follow my heart and dreams, to study Fashion. Yet this summer I decided to go home as I needed some time away from London - but mostly I needed to be with my loved ones, my family. The past months had been different than expected just because many things didn't go as planned. Some of these things just made me want to go home to Germany and leave London behind. Yet after all that's been, I'd never want to give up on a place that makes me feel the happiest. Still I went home over summer, which truly gave me the time to think about so many things in life, and most importantly it gave me the opportunity to start over again.💫💫💫

Now, that I am going back to London it feels somehow special to me, in fact it has always been special to me. But as there are so many new things coming along my way, such as a new home, a new neighbourhood, new people and hopefully lots and lots of lovely opportunities, I am just simply excited for what's next to come. There is so much I would like to say within this post. But let's start with that, I have learnt so much this year and I couldn't be more grateful for every experience. Even though, things don't always go as planned, I believe they happen that way for a reason. And sometimes, the reason being is simply to learn, grow and to accept how life goes. We can't influence or change what happens to us, yet we can decide how we react to the situations happening in our life. Most importantly how we take these things further. We have the power to decide how we let those things affect us - it might not be easy... but we are always given the chance to see things positively - even if they aren't positive.

We have the chance to see certain things as a lesson, as something we will learn and grow from. And I truly believe that's something everyone should be grateful for.  We are often put into situations where we wish to have never put into, situations that we eventually could have never imagined to be part of lives. Yet those situations are the ones that let us grow the most. It's the hardest times, the most painful moments than give us knowledge and awareness about so many things in relationship to  this wonderful thing called life. And from those, there is so much to learn from. They may give us something, that we would have never imagined to get out of these situations. And that's something to be thankful for. And so like the past few months in London haven't been easy due to my last living situation... Yet I have grown so much from that experience, and it has made me a lot stronger. Life is full of good and bad times, and all of them happen for a reason. Life doesn't just happen to us, it happens for us.

My summer break back home has been lovely, yet again other than expected. There is nothing I love more than being surrounded by my loved ones. But as time flies past, a lot of things change, and so do people. Places you once used to connect with a certain feeling or once used to remember some special way, whether in connection with things or people, are not the same anymore after time passes by. Coming back to Germany made me realise that I have changed so much. Every time I left London it made me realise where I truly belong. Yet this time was different. I somehow always knew I'd belong to London, it's the place I feel home, and where I feel the happiest. But coming back home has helped me to leave some things behind, some people that I kept holding onto for a while, knowing it wouldn't be good for me, good for my soul, but it took me some time to let go.

Yet it was that kind of time I learned to be grateful for the little things again. Living in London can be pretty overwhelming and there are these days where you stop being thankful for living in such a huge city. Which somehow is a natural habit, when something becomes your lifestyle, such as that London city life became mine -  I still try to appreciate it every morning when I wake up and every night I go to sleep. I guess it will just always be my biggest dream, as I, a girl from a small hometown in Germany, once used to simply dream big (I still do) and all of the sudden that huge dream came true... It's something I still don't have words for. It leaves me speechless every time thinking about it. It's magical beyond words, it's something I wish to hold onto forever. It has shown me in life that dreams do come true - and we all have been given dreams for a reason, we just need to believe in ourselves, our wishes and trust life more. 💫

A new beginning always gives me that feeling of setting new goals, new aspirations and change certain things. I feel like because of everything and anything that has been in the past I have grown and changed so much, especially this year. Living in London has given me by far the greatest and worst moments, and yet I am thankful for both. I have become me because of moving here. I have discovered my true self and the person I aspire to be. London is a place full of motivation, inspiration and good vibes. I honestly couldn't imagine to live elsewhere.

I can't wait to start University again and apply for a job in Fashion. The key is definitely to keep believing in the good, keep dreaming big and making things happen. I always remind myself that dreams don't work unless you do. Things don't come from nothing and so you have to start somewhere. Whatever it is that you aspire to have, to be or simply wish for in life - and eventually just because you think you can't achieve those things because certain things are not given, try and start believing in these things first, and the rest will come along naturally with all the help from the universe.

never stop DREAMING.


La Princesca xoxo 

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