Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

Hey Loves xoxo

it's officially my last weekend in Germany since I am leaving soon to London. I am so extremely excited to finally go back and begin a new chapter, even though I'm going to miss my very much beloved coffee dates with my mom. You can't imagine how happy they make me. It's definitely what my mom and I like to do the most, next to shopping, baking etc. I seriously love these coffee dates to the moon and back (and her obviously too). It will definitely be everything else than easy to leave her behind and all that we do together, but I know that I'll be with her again sooner or later, until then I'll keep dreaming about those moments. 💫😇

I'm enjoying my last few days back home with walks and rides through my town. There are honestly so many pretty corners, and I could keep taking photos forever. Yet it's one of my favourite things to do, and by that I don't mean only photos of my outfits - but even more of the beauty surrounding me. Such as this pretty building that I found on my way home. It's adorable, and I LOVE the colour. I've been lately obsessed with yellow - which some of you might have noticed. And not only that..since I am wearing my new bag all day, everyday. I guess I am obsessed here, too. 


And now, let's talk about my new favourite yellow dress. I am totally in love with this Chicwish piece GET HERE . Chicwish honestly always surprises me over and over again. I can't explain how much I adore their clothing, and especially this yellow thing. It's super comfortable, and has these cute details on the back. It doesn't feel heavy at all, yet it's a really good material. I like to wear dresses like these to any kind of event, whether on a daily basis or to a birthday party. It's timeless and chic. What else does a woman need? 

Even though I look super serious here (believe me when I say I was smiling from the inside) - on that day I was being my own sunshine, and mostly because of that dress. It honestly made me feel so good, no matter if the sun was out or hiding behind clouds. I absolutely fell in love with this dress and can't wait to wear more bright colours in future, they make me feel so happy. It definitely feels good trying out new things, and that's something I'd like to keep doing. 

Experimenting more with other styles, a different way of seeing things, and certainly handling things  differently in life, too. It's not just about the clothes, yet they make a massive difference. I am currently experimenting with my Instagram style/ content, and I love to see where new things take me - whether it's I am trying out a new filter, or style of photography. I love it all. Try new things each day, trust me, it feels SO good. 💛💛💛

Will be back soon. 


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